GNY Aircraft Ground Service Pits

By Megan Peil on Jan 11 in Aviation Products.

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GNY Aircraft Ground Service Pits

An extensive line of hydrant and ground service pits have been developed since our beginning more than forty years ago. The broad range of services are available in either welded steel construction or molded fiberglass. Round, square or rectangular pit configurations can be furnished and valves, piping, electrical components, cable and or hose may be factory installed, to simplify field installation.

Welded steel pits are offered as cover and frame only, cover, frame and shell, or cover, frame, shell and bottom. A flexible sealing boot is fitted on both steel and fiberglass pits that have piping entering from the bottom or sides of the pit. This prevents the entry of ground water, helps prevent fuel spills from entering the ground and allows for some movement of the riser pipe. This feature is standard on all complete fiberglass fuel hydrant pits. However, the feature is optional on steel. Molded fiberglass ground service pits offer some advantages over the welded steel type. They are non-corrosive, non-magnetic and non-sparking. In addition molded fiberglass pits are light weight one piece construction allowing for easier installation. Pit covers are manufactured from high strength cast aluminum (alloy 712) designed to support the heaviest aircraft loading.

GNY is equipped with facilities for providing proof load testing of all pit covers. Testing is carried out using one or two 200 sq. inch tire prints, according to pit cover size. Loads up to 100 tons per tire print can be applied. Standard covers are tested to 2.5:1 factor of safety. “PA” covers are tested to a 4:1 factor of safety using a hydraulic test fixture of our own design and manufacture. A certified load test report can be supplied. Production tests are conducted on the statistical basis required by MIL-STD-105.

Aircraft Ground Service Pits