GNY Surgite Suppressor Calculation

By Megan Peil on Jun 01 in Aviation Products.

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GNY Surgite Suppressor Calculation

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The Company was an early pioneer in the development of hydrant type aircraft refueling equipment and related aircraft ground support equipment. Experience in this field led to the designing and manufacturing of pits required for the early hydrant systems. The company had traded under the name Garsite TSR. The Deer Park facility remained in New York as Garsite International until in December 1995, when GNY Equipment, INC (GNY) was spun-off to an independent status, bringing with it, almost a half-century of experience in aviation fueling, in liquid, Air, Oil and Gas equipment. The people at GNY have been manufacturing Aviation fueling equipment for “over four decades“.

vGNY Surgite Surge Suppressors Calculation

GNY Surgite Surge Suppressors Calculation

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