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Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of Aviation Ground ReFueling and Liquid, Gas and Hot Air Handling Equipment. Specializing in Custom Fabricated Ground Fueling Support Equipment.

GNY Equipment, Inc. ( is a unique Made In USA manufacturer from Bay Shore, New York serving Aviation ground fueling operations throughout the world, with a focus on US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy overseas bases and airports worldwide.

The company was established in 1952 and tracks its origin to Garsite TRS, a company that GNY has been traded under. Experience in this field led to the designing and manufacturing of pits required for the early hydrant systems. The need for larger and more sophisticated ground support equipment grew as hydrant type aircraft refueling expanded and the manufacturing of hydrant servicers, mobile hydrant carts and refuelers began by Garsite. GNY was spun-off from Garsite, becoming an independent status and bringing nearly a half-century of experience in aviation fueling equipment. GNY was an early pioneer in the development of hydrant type aircraft refueling equipment.

Jayesh Shah, immigrated to the US from India in 1986 for further studies in the engineering field, joined GNY in 2001 as a marketing and product manager. As the new owner and CEO, Mr. Shah has taken on the challenge of proving that “Made-in-USA” products offered by GNY justify government contracts and the current administration’s focus about bringing manufacturing back to the United States.

Mr. Shah owns US Patents on swivel joints and testing of swivel joints since 1990 and has developed mining and mooring heavy-duty swivel joints used in hot air and marine industry for nearly 20 years. In addition, he has upgraded non-lubricated joints with four bearings, a component that is at the heart of Pantograph Assemblies. Bill Peil, the previous owner, and current president of GNY, is now helping Mr.Shah complete the design process, along with a team of 14 people in production, engineering, and management.

With an extensive history of providing solutions for new applications of swivel joint in air and liquid handling industries, Mr. Shah is looking for new challenges. Since the new ownership, GNY successfully designed, manufactured, and supplied the “Non-Corrosion Swivel Joint”, mainly used at Navy Warship’s fluid control panel along with the Aviation Refueling Pantograph. Mr. Shah has developed a single-piece casting for this joint, eliminating welding which caused corrosion – ultimately creating a substantial cost savings for the US Navy. GNY Equipment, Inc. is now the only US-based manufacturer of such equipment.

The past few months have been challenging for GNY as the company has been working on the
manufacture of Pantograph Assembly, primarily used for refueling jet planesfor the US Navy base in Rota, Spain and the US Marine Corps base at Iwakuni, Japan. While Serving the aviation industry and reestablishing New York State as a forerunner of aviation equipment manufacturing, Mr. Shah’s ultimate dream is to bring GNY back on trading at the New York Stock Exchange and to be truly “serving worldwide.”

Mr. Shah thanks his parents, adult sons Arjun and Raj, his wife Janki, as well as business associates and community for their love and support.


Mr. Shah believes in “Be Honest, Kind and Creative.”

Company Address: 20 DREXEL DRIVE • BAY SHORE
NEW YORK 11706 • U.S.A
Company Contact Information: Phone: (631) 273 4940
BUSINESS: Designer, Manufacturer and supplier of Aviation Ground Refueling and
Liquid, Oil, Gas and Hot Air Handling Equipment
MANUFACTURING FACILITY: 14,000 Square feet of manufacturing facility (including warehousing) in
Bay Shore, Long Island Industrial Area
D & B NUMBER: 93 293 3708
CAGE CODE: 04367

US AIR FORCE: AFSSEA TEAM APPROVAL (For Hot Refueling Pantograph Assemblies)

US NAVY: Warfare Center Aircraft Division (For Swivel Joint NSN: 1710-01-517-5705)

DLA: US Govt. Valve, Deadman Handle (PN: 900209-A, NSN: 4820-01-070-5003, IAW 19207 1 1668075)

US Marine: PN: P015459, 2.5 Inch SST316 Swivel Jt. Hose Reel

GNY manufacturing capability includes all modern metal fabrication equipment such as power shears, press brakes and roll forming. We are equipped to handle all weldable alloys using spot, arc, MIG and TIG welding processes. Our machine shop handles a wide variety of metal turning, drilling, milling and grinding operations.

GNY has also designed, manufactured and supplies Liquid, Oil, Gas and Hot Air handling products for the last twenty years.

14,000 Square feet of manufacturing with warehousing in Bay Shore Industrial area. Includes – Welding Sets, Machining Lathes, Pit Cover Test Fixture, Bending and Cutting Machine, Test Bath/Benches, Painting and more.

GNY sells many Aviation, liquid and fuel handling components, accessories and parts on worldwide basis representing over 40 manufacturers.

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