Gny Floating Suctions Assembly

Gny Floating Suctions Assembly


GNY Equipment, Inc. is a unique Made-In-USA manufacturer located in Bay Shore, New York serving Aviation ground fueling operation throughout the world, with a focus on airports worldwide.

GNY Equipment manufactures 27 different production lines, including the unique Floating Suction Assembly, using all modern metal fabrication equipment such as power shears, press brakes and roll forming. The GNY machine shop handles a wide variety of metal turning, drilling, milling, grinding operations and all metal welding, by certified welders.

GNY Equipment manufactures Floating Suctions for use in horizontal or vertical Aviation storage tank, which is above or below ground with or without a Floating Roof.

Each GNY Floating Suction Assembly is designed with GNY Proprietary design calculations, using AutoCAD software and Excel to suit customer’s individual tank specifications and data.

The assemblies are easy to install and designed for a longer life in service. Hundreds of GNY Floating Suction Assemblies are in service since 1980, increasing efficiency and decreasing maintenance of filter separator.

  • Deliver a cleaner product by drawing the fluid closest to the surface. Water, foreign particles, rust and debris settle at the bottom of the tank through gravity. The suction intake includes a stop leg in order to maintain an undisturbed tank bottom, eliminating a high percentage of water and sediments from aircraft fuel, motor fuel, heating oils and petrochemicals.
  • Decant water from sewage treatment plant separation tanks. In an inverted installation, it can also skim oils from the top of water run off settling tanks (with standard or inverted type inlets).
  • Reduce inlet velocity with special bellmouth. So, “bottom” remains undisturbed.
  • Increase efficiency and decrease maintenance of filter separator.

Important Note: It is recommended that tanks equipped with floating suctions have provision and procedures for systematic draining of tank bottoms (water) same as tanks without floating suctions.

Size and Material
  • Size: 2” to 36” in Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and combination
  • Aluminum materials; size: 2” to 10”
  • Carbon Steel materials (Epoxy Coated suitable to Jet-Fuel); size: 2” to 36”
  • Stainless Steel materials; size: 2” to 36”
  • Most common materials for Jet-Fuel are:
    • a) For size 2” to 10” Aluminum pipe, Aluminum Swivels & SS Floats
    • b) For size 12” and above, Carbon Steel Epoxy Coated Swivels, Aluminum pipe & SS Floats
Aluminum Swivel Joints Size: 2” to 10”
  • Material: Aluminum 356-T6
  • Two rows of widespread Ball Bearing.
  • Designed to withstand temperature variations from -40° C to 100°C
Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Swivel Joints Size: 2” to 36” Model: CA2000
  • Heavy-duty Carbon Steel Swivel Joint (Epoxy Coated suitable to Jet-Fuel); size: 2” to 36”
  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel 304 Swivel Joint; size: 2” to 36”
  • Triple Seal Design including Main Seal of PTFE, Viton®, Buna-n (O-Ring type and Lip Seal type) and External Lip Seal for submerged application
    Two rows of widespread Ball Bearing.
  • Heavy-duty load bearing capacity widespread ball-bearing raceway hardened up to 345 BHN
  • Seal Contact Faces are overlaid with Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel (SS) Lining
  • Designed to withstand temperature variations from -40° C to 100°C
Pipe or Tubing
  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel alloys for Jet-Fuel application, chemical and treatment plant decant applications;
  • Lengths and sizes are dependent on installation requirement, available in 2” through 36” pipe or tubing
  • Low velocity conical configuration with baffle plate and anti-vortex plate.
  • Basic styles:
    • Model 301-B with 90° bellmouth elbow,
    • Model 301-C with 45° bellmouth elbow,
    • Inverted bellmouth for skimming units.
  • Stainless Steel Floats and all are pressure tested.
  • Designed with separate compartments.
  • options available with unsinkable foam filled float assemblies available.
Baffle and Stop Leg
  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel alloys
  • Anti-vortex suction through optimized inlet with Stop Leg and designed to break suction 9 inches above tank bottom, (or as specified)
Inspection Cable and Tethered Cable
  • 3/16” uncoated Stainless Steel (Grounded to Arm)

  • Heavy-duty Two-Piece design in Triple Seal Swivel Joints.
  • Size: 2” (50 mm) to 36” (900 mm)
  • Material of construction:
    • Aluminum 356-T6
    • Carbon Steel (Epoxy Coated suitable to Jet-Fuel)
    • Stainless Steel – SS304 (CS and SS Swivel Joint comes with External Seal of Triple Seal)
  • Swivel Joints are available in style 20F, 30F and 40F with flanged end connection in ANSI 150 class.
    (Most common style is 40F)
  • Heavy-duty load bearing capacity widespread ball-bearing raceway hardened up to 345 BHN (equals to 37 Rockwell “C”) through a special permanent metal hard facing process. (For CS & SS Units only)
  • Ball Bearing, fitted with two rows of widespread ball bearing (Chrome CS or SS).
  • Lubricated with Special wear resistant high temp. PTFE based lubricant.
  • Triple Seal Design:
    • (1) O-ring type Main Seal
    • (2) Inverted Lip PTFE Main Seal
    • (3) Inverted PTFE External Seal
  • Material of seals: Buna-n/Viton®, PTFE, etc.
  • Design Temperature: -40 to 100° C

24” x Style 40F CS Epoxy Coated Swivel Joint

24” x Style 40F CS Epoxy Coated Swivel Joint under Testing

36”x Style 40F CS Swivel Joint with LR Elbows and Flanges For Submerged Hot Bitumen Applications

12”x Style 40F CS Submerged Epoxy Coated Two-Piece Design Swivel Joint with Triple Seal of PTFE

  • Roller Assembly for Floating Roof Tank: (Model – GNY6534012)
    • a) Chain Assembly
    • b) Roller Assembly with I-Beam
  • Level Indicator: (Model – 6534013-L)
  • Three Point Sampling: (Model – 6534014)

  • All Swivel Joints are internally Air tested and/or Hydro-tested at shop before shipping.
  • The Air test, Vacuum test, Bending moment/Radial load test, Pull load test, Torque test, External Pressure test, Electrical conductivity test and Life Cycle Tests (US Patented) have been conducted during the R&D (Research and Development) and these tests can be conducted upon request at extra cost.
  • Floating Arms with Flanged-ends are Air tested and/or Hydro-tested.
  • Stainless Steel Floats are Air Tested.
  • All welding by qualified welders.
  • All units are supplied in separate wooden box for some assembly required using GNY Technical Booklet.
  • Packed in a wooden box/skid for Air/Sea shipment.
  • Each unit supplied with “Technical Booklet”, includes unpacking instructions, operational instructions for initial set-up and fueling servicing operation, as built drawings, major product catalogs with maintenance instructions and troubleshooting, when needed. Quality certificate and performance guarantee certificate with few photos.
  • Variations to the standard design as per requirements are available.

For Vertical Tank

  • 1. Type of liquid to be handled
  • 2. Preferred style (give model number)
  • 3. Pipe size required
  • 4. Type of tank (cone or floating roof)
  • 5. Diameter and height of tank
  • 6. Manhole size
  • 7. Centerline of nozzle from floor of tank
  • 8. Note any support or guide columns inside tank

For Horizontal Tank

  • 1. Type of liquid to be handled
  • 2. Preferred style (give model number)
  • 3. Pipe size required
  • 4. Whether above or below ground tank
  • 5. Diameter of tank
  • 6. Location and type of outlet stub (flanged or threaded)
  • 7. Manhole size
  • 8. For vertical pipes, “A” dimensions
  • 9. Note any obstructions in tank



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