GNY Safety Break-Away Couplings

By Jay Shah on Aug 04 in Oil and Gas Handling Products.

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GNY Safety Break-Away Couplings
Shear-Pins Design and Collar Design

Safety Break-Away Couplings | Shear-Pins Design | Collar Design

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SBC are suitable for loading/ unloading arms, marine hose transfer, hoses loading at Jetty and etc. and designed to prevent product spillage to Protect Environment on disconnection, thereby eliminating possible fire hazards, accident causing personal injury and product losses.

Investigation of drive-away incidents involving LP Gas Loading/ Unloading arm assemblies and Bottom Loading has led us to design and develop safety break-away couplings that, if separated, quickly form a tight pressure seal that prevents escape of LP gas or fluid from loading arms or tank trucks through the separated coupling halves and spillage to the atmosphere.

We offer Safety Break-Away Couplings (SBC) in sizes: 2″ to 12″ sizes, in ANSI Class 150 and 300 pressure rating and Stainless Steel 316 construction with flange-ends, threaded-end connections and combinations, with six different sealing material, including PTFE (Teflon®) to suit almost all fluid and gas handling.
Two Unique Designs: Shear-Pin and Collar Design.

GNY SBC-Shear-Pins Design

GNY Safety Break-Away Couplings –Shear-Pins Design

GNY SBC - Collar Design

GNY Safety Break-Away Couplings –Collar Design

Safety Break-Away Couplings

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