GNY Pantograph Assembly

GNY Pantograph Assembly



Using unique Pantograph Swivel Joints

GNY Equipment, Inc. is a unique Made-In-USA manufacturer from Bay Shore, New York serving Aviation ground fueling operations throughout the world, with a focus on US Navy, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy overseas bases and airports worldwide.

Fueling aircraft from trucks, carts, fixed hydrant, mobile or air transportable Hydrant fueling system is accomplished with ease, economy and reliability with the GNY Pantograph Assembly, using unique, US Patented Pantograph Swivel Joints. In this manner fueling can be accomplished without the use of a fueling hose.

The GNY Fueling Pantographs are approved for all fuel servicing operations by US Air Force AFSSEA team. Approved is included in technical order T.O. 00-25-172, ground servicing of Aircraft and static grounding/bonding. Available in size: 3″, 4″ and 4″x3″

List of GNY Models available:

Wide Range Pantograph
Model: GNY-PG4-3-50F
Wide Range Pantograph
Movable and Towable Unit

Shelter Pantograph
Model: GNY-PG3-3-100
Shelter Pantograph
Fixed installation
Opens in Two to Five Section Arm
with option of Hose-End Fueling

High Reach Scissor Lift Pantograph
Model: GNY-PG4-18F
High Reach Scissor Lift Pantograph
Movable and Towable Unit

Tank-Truck Bottom Loader Pantograph
Model: GNY-TT-PGBL-4-3-10F
Tank-Truck Bottom Loader Pantograph
Fixed installation

Tank-Truck Top Loader Pantograph
Tank-Truck Top Loader Pantograph
For Aviation Jet-Fueling
Fixed installation

Fueling Pits Pantograph Bottom Loader
Fixed installation
Similar to Tank-Truck Bottom Loader Pantograph with Pits configuration

GNY Unique Pantograph Swivel Joint Features:

GNY unique Pantograph Non-Lubricated Swivel joint

GNY unique Pantograph Non-Lubricated Swivel joint

GNY unique Pantograph Non-Lubricated Swivel joint, FULL BORE, with total four hardened bearings (two ball and two rollers), four Viton® seals of main seal, O-ring, two built-in O-rings seals adjoining flanges, with three years performance warrantee, considering warrantee seal is NOT broken. Electrically Conductive without external bridges. GNY Pantograph Non-lubricated Swivel joint is specially designed for Aviation Refueling Pantograph..

GNY Non-lubricated and maintenance free Pantograph Swivel Joint are available in FOUR different models:

  • 4” x 150 lbs. built-in flange-ends. Unit weight 35 lbs., Part No.: D2000-4-PGSJ
  • 4” with special TTMA flanged ends. Unit weight 18 lbs., Part No.: D2000-4-PGSJ-T
  • 3” X 150 lbs. built-in flange-ends. Unit weight 22 lbs., Part No.: D2000-3-PGSJ
  • 3” with special TTMA flanged ends. Unit weight 11 lbs., Part No.: D2000-3-PGSJ-T

GNY Aviation Refueling Pantograph Features:

GNY Fueling Pantographs consist of mainly hard pipe of two, three or four sections and additional Hydrant-end section (as per requirement) and Fueling-end section of hard pipe with swivel joints including compact and light-weight non-lubricated swivel joint with fueling nozzle. No hose is used at Fueling-end; It’s optional.

Pantograph included with Long Radius Elbows, Flanges, Supporting Structures, Vent, Sampling and Drain Assembly with Valves, Pipe-sectional locking Stainless Steel Chains, Coupling-hooks, Bolts with Nylon Locknuts and SST Gas Spring Mechanical Balance for easy balancing of Fueling-end section.

Some of the Models included with Hydraulic Tank with Hand Pump Assembly, Pressure Equalizing Tank with Pressure Relief Valve Assembly, Venturi with Pressure Gauge, Stop Cock, Grounding Cable Reels, Hydrant Coupler Storage Tray, SPR Inlet and Butterfly Valve.

Heavy Duty Aluminum construction TOW bar for easy and safe handling of pantograph by 5 MPH tow speed.

Design to fuel at 600 GPM (size: 4”) at nozzle-ends with 55 psi. set-up.

12” Diameter heavy duty casters with locking and straight going feature as required, installed with Aluminum heavy-duty running gear channels with built-in stops to avoid collusion with adjoining pipe sections.

Positive display Flow Meter with 360° Turntable Swivel Mount reads in US Gallons.

Military standard Refueling Nozzle with Hose-End Regulator, Single Point Refueling, Dry Break Quick Disconnect and Strainer unit.

Optional equipment for Pantograph fueling:

  • Fueling Control Valve , depends on client’s hydrant system and fueling control set-up.
  • Filtration System, depends on client’s hydrant system and fueling control set-up.
  • Dead-man Control Assembly and Surge Suppressors.

The overall electrical resistance between the flanged end and the pressure fueling nozzle is not exceed 1 kilo ohm. Grounding straps across swivel joints are not included.

Testing and other information:

Testing: Air, Hydro-static test, Towing test.

Hydro-static test: A complete unit is Hydro tested at 200 psi or as required.

Quality Control Certificate from QA/QC inspector witnessing, factory assembled and sealed GNY Swivel joints with Hydro-stated at 200 psi. Quality certificates with performance guarantee are provided.

All welding by qualified welders.

All units are supplied fully assembled, ready to use.

Variations to the standard design as per requirements are available.

Pantograph packed in a wooden box/skid for Air/Sea shipment.

Each unit supplied with “Technical Booklet”, includes unpacking instructions, operational instructions for initial set-up and fueling servicing operation, as built drawings, major product catalogs with maintenance instructions and troubleshooting, when needed. Quality certificate and performance guarantee certificate with few photos.



GNY Job Completed for:

FB1202 : 2) 4”NB x Tank-Truck Pantograph Assy. 10 Ft. Open Length Built-In with Fueling Skids/Modules, Iceland, US Navy…9/2004

FB 1388 : 2) 3”NB x 60 Feet x Three Sectional Wide Range Pantograph Assy.All Metal Fueling End, Singapore Air Force, Singapore…1/2009

FB 1707: 1) 3” Pantograph SJ, US Air Base, USA…5/2016

FB 1743:1) 3” NB x 100 Ft. x Four Sectional Shelter Pantograph Assy. with 10 Feet Hose GNY Model: GNY-PG3-4-100FT, Tinker AFB, USA…6/2017

FB 1763:2) 4” x Style 40FC Pantograph Swivels D2000-4SS316-PAN40FF, US Air Base, USA…3/2018

FB 1769: 5) 4” NB x Two Section Top Loader with Pantograph Swivel jt. Model: GNY-TLA-SST-PG4, Army National Guard, VA, USA…12/2018

FB 1772 : 2) 3’’ Pantograph Swivel Joint x SST316 x Style 40FF x 150 lbs x 3’’ FNTP Coupling D2000-3SS316-PAN40FF, US Air Base, USA…7/2018

FB 1777 : 2) 4” NB x 75 Ft. x Three Sectional Wide Range Pantograph Assy. All Metal Fueling End GNY Model: GNY-PG4-3-75FT, US Navy, SPAIN…1/2019

FB 1781: 4) 4” NB x 50 Ft. x Three Sectional Wide Range Pantograph Assy. All Metal Fueling End Model: GNY -PG4-3-50FT and 2) 4” x High Reach Pantograph Assy. All Meal Fueling End Model: GNY-PG4-18FT, US Navy, JAPAN…1/2019

FB 1788: 1) 4” NB x 12.5M x Three Sectional Wide Range Pantograph Assy. with All Metal 3” Fueling-End Model: GNY-PG4-3-12.5M (50FT), Singapore Air Force, Singapore…2/2019

FB 1794: 1) 4’’ x 150 lbs SST304 Flanged Venturi for Pantograph Model: GNY6533262-4S-1Y, US Base, USA…4/2019

FB 1801: 1) 2) 3’’ Bottom Loader Pantograph GNY-TT-PGBL-3-10F,US Base, USA…7/2019

FB 1810: 1) 2) 3’’ Pantograph SST SJ x Style 40FC x 150 Lbs. Flange x 3’’ FNTP Coupling GNY-D2000-3-PGSJT40FC, US Base, USA…12/2019

FB 1839 : 1) 3” GNY Wide Range Movable and Towable Pantograph Assy SST 52’ Long 3-SECT. GNY-PG3-3-52F, US Military Base, GERMANY…7/2021

FB 1847 : 4) GNY-PG4-14L 46feet long, 2-Sect. 4” SHELTER PANTOGRAPH, US Air Base JAPAN…10/2021

FB 1860 : 1) GNY Pantograph Wide Range Size: 4″x 200′ Assembly Hot Refueling System Model: GNY-PG4-5-200FT, Miller Army Air Field (MAAF), USA…12/2021

FB 1862 : 8) 4” SHELTER PANTOGRAPH ASSY Model: GNY-PG4-14L, US Air Base, JAPAN…6/2022

FB 1888 : 2) 4” SHELTER PANTOGRAPH ASSY Model: GNY-PG4-2-60L, US Air Base, QATAR…11/2022

100+ Panthograph Assembly designed, fabricated, tested and in service at US Base.

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