GNY Portable Gauge Tester

GNY Portable Gauge Tester

Aviation Ground Refueling Product

GNY Portable Gauge Tester

Portable Gauge Tester | Portable Hose Tester

GNY Portable Gauge Tester
GNY Portable Gauge Tester: Model 2491A

GNY portable hose tester eliminates the need to tie up equipment while hose is removed to your test facility for hydrostatic testing. The hand operated, self contained unit brings brings the test stand to the equipment and gives an accurate check on any size hose.

Test gauges are accurate to 0.5% to meet minimum requirements of most fluid handling industries. The unit is particularly well suited for use in refineries, bulk terminals, petrochemical processing and for utilities. Unit is completely self contained and includes a 6 ft. twin-weld hose and quick disconnect fittings.

GNY Portable Gauge Tester
GNY Portable Gauge Tester in use
GNY Portable Gauge Tester
Schematic Diagram shows operation of test unit.

GNY’s portable gauge tester lets you make accurate tests on all types of pressure gauges, including differential pressure and duplex pressure gauge, without removing the gauge from the operating equipment when equipped with test socket.

  • Construction:
    Steel frame with steel tank and fittings.
  • Air Reservoir Gauge:
    0-150 PSI, 2.5″ dial.
  • Test Gauges:
    4.5″ dial, 0-160 PSI.
  • Air Reservoir:
    125 PSI, 924 cu. inch.
  • Hose:
    1/4″ I.D. 6 ft. twin-weld with quick disconnect fittings.
  • Pump Capacity:
    2 cu. inch per cycle.
  • Est. Weight:
    55 lbs.

Unit is equipped with air regulator, shut-off, bleed and relief valves. Painted and shipped completely assembled.

Portable Gauge Tester

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