Quality Control

Quality Control

GNY Equipment, Inc. is committed to delivering QUALITY PRODUCTS ‘ON TIME’ at minimal optimum cost. We are Designer, Manufacturer and Supplier of Aviation Ground Refueling and Liquid, Gas and Hot Air Handling Equipment.

  • Our Primary objective is pursuing CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by:
  • Continually improving process efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system (QSM).
  • Providing a framework for ESTABLISHING and REVIEWING quality objectives.



The objective of the quality control program is to insure that all products manufactured by GNY Equipment, will satisfy the following requirements:
  • Fulfill all customer specification.
  • Be complete as described by the Bill of Material.
  • All flow, functional, hydrostatic, Load test and any other required tests have been performed and documented.
  • That best commercial shop practices and GNY product standards are used during fabrication of these products.


The quality control inspector shall:
  • Become familiar with the customer spec. shop drawings and Bill of Material.
  • Perform in-process inspection.
  • Perform first piece inspection of the first unit of a production run, machined parts and any other items to be supplied to final assembly dept.
  • Perform inspection of welded assemblies.
  • Perform final inspection and testing prior to shipping.

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