GNY Prover Tanks

By Megan Peil on May 11 in Aviation Products.

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GNY Prover Tanks

Prover Tanks | Model FB1149

GNY Prover Tanks

GNY Prover Tanks – 100 Gallons Stainless Steel Tanks, Stationary

GNY Prover Tanks
For Liquid Meter Testing and Calibration

GNY prover tanks are designed fabricated in accordance with the recommendation described in the NIST – “Handbook 105-3”.

The Basic tank design is built to a format, which permits a lower silhouette unit while maintaining high accuracy without air or product entrapment.

Sizes available range from 100 gallons up to 2400 gallons.
Tanks can be fabricated from Stainless steel or Aluminum.

GNY Prover Tanks

GNY Model No. FB1149 – 600 Gallons and 100 Gallons Stainless Steel Tanks, Stationary

Basic units are top graduated neck drain to zero type custom designed to suit customer requirement and fabricated for stationary or mobile installations. All units are equipped with dual scales readling in cubic inches (gallons) and milliliters (liters).
Scales sealed into place after testing and calibration. Calibration traceable to the NIST.

Optional accessory equipment available includes: return pumps, hose reels, loading connections, vapor recovery systems, trailer or chassis installations.

GNY Prover Tanks