GNY Aircraft Ground Service Pits

GNY Aircraft Ground Service Pits

With over half a century of experience, we at GNY offer an extensive, tried and tested array of welded steel and molded fiberglass hydrant/ground service pit models and their suitable covers (also available separately). Whether round, square or rectangular, these pits can be configured with a variety of valves, pipes, electrical components, cables and hoses that may even be factory installed for seamless field installation.

Typical covers come in a two-piece assembly with a stationary outer ring with an inner access cover that opens with a 25 lbs (11.4 kg) single hand life on a non-load-bearing hinge, exposing an 18-inch (460mm) clear opening. The covers are removable to enable access to internal equipment. All covers are:

  • Non-skid, Non-sparking, Non-magnetic
  • High-strength Aluminum-Zinc alloy 712
  • Load-tested for 4:1 factor of safety, designed to support the heaviest of aircraft as per federal specifications (USA) QQ-A-601F (formerly 40E)
  • Opens full 180°

Larger pit covers (Models 7038, 8000 and 9000) are equipped with spring-balanced and optional counterweight-balanced mechanisms with a clear opening of up to 90°+

Testing of these aluminum pit covers is carried out in-house at GNY using two 200 sq. inch tire prints according to the size of the pit covers and GNY possesses the capability to apply up to 100 tons pf load per tire print. Certified load test reports can be supplied, and all production tests are conducted as per MIL-STD-105.

The covers are also in compliance with JIG standards (JIG 2, Section 3.5.4) Bulletin 90 (May 2016).

While a standard feature on the fiberglass pits, even welded steel pits can be made with flexible sealing boots that allow some movement of the pipes that enter the pits from the sides or the bottom and yet provide complete insulation for the pits from groundwater and to keep any fuel spills from contaminating the ground.

  • Light-weight, one-piece or sectional body for effortless installation
  • 4 to 10 integral brackets for concrete anchors below the cover seat
  • Integrated steel frame in the unibody available
  • 30% glass-fiber, 70% polyester resin
  • Non-corrosive & resistant to soil-borne chemicals, aircraft fuels, hydrant oils and de-icing solutions
  • Non-magnetic and non-sparking
  • Typical wall thickness of 0.25” (6.4mm) and 0.5”” (12.7mm) or required thickness
  • The insides of all pits are coated with a WHITE resin-rich gel-coat for easy cleaning and an aesthetic appearance.

Welded steel pits are available as steel cover-frames integrated in fiberglass shells and also as steel cover-frames built with steel bottom-shells.

    Double Hinged Model 1463DH-SF Model 8000WR – Counter-Weight Balanced Proof Load Testing Water Resistance Testing
    Model 1463FM

    dia. cover opening
    23.5” dia. Inside Shell
    Standard depth 38”
    Model 1463WR

    dia. cover opening
    23.5” dia. Inside Shell
    Standard depth 38”
    Model 1480WR

    dia. cover opening
    23.5” dia. Inside Shell
    Standard depth 48”
    29” x 36” at the bottom
    Model 6200WR

    dia. cover opening
    25.5” x 25.5” Inside Shell
    Standard depth 40”
    Full Catalog

    Equipment LLC
    Catalog No. GST 2000
    Model 6000WR

    18” dia. cover openings
    centers of covers 36” apart
    61” x 25.5” Inside Shell
    Standard depth 38”
    Model 7038WR

    38” sq. cover opening for Vault
    38” x 38” Inside Shell
    depth 38”
    Model 8000WR

    x 75.75” cover opening & Inside Shell
    Standard depth 36”
    Gas Spring Balanced
    Model 9000WR

    x 61” cover opening
    41” x 61” Inside Shell
    Standard depth 72”

    GNY Ground Service Pit Video
    Duration : 7.47 Min
    GNY Fiberglass Pit shells are also available with special depths of 48”, 60”, 72”, 96” and greater.

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