GNY 3″ Venturis

GNY 3″ Venturis

Aviation Ground Refueling Product

GNY 3″ Venturis

Venturis: 3″ Venturis | 4″ Venturis4″x3″ Venturis6″ Venturis

GNY Typical Venturis
GNY Typical Venturis

The venturis manufactured by GNY Equipment, Inc. are designed for application in aircraft refueling systems. The function of the venturi is to simulate the pressure at the underwing nozzle during the fueling operation. The venturi is installed to provide a readily accessible nozzle reference pressure for the fueling pressure control system.

GNY Available Venturis:

    Model 6533728 (4″x3″) with OAL (Over-All-Length) of 14″
    Model 6533262 (4″) with OAL of 14″
    Model 653371 (6″) with OAL of 20″

Model 6533360

GNY 3" Venturi - Sketch and Flowchart
GNY 3″ Venturi – Sketch and Flowchart

Standard Specifications:

Standard 3″ Model with OAL of 9 3/4″
Model Throat Dia. Material
6533360-AV 1.200″ Aluminum


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