GNY Fiber Reinforced Cover

GNY Fiber Reinforced Cover

Aviation Ground Refueling Product

GNY Fiber Reinforced Cover

Aircraft Ground Service Pits

Design To:

To be an ultra-light alternative to conventional cast metal covers without compromising performance. The cover can be removed easily by one operator of either sex without any risk of injury. GRP composite manhole systems are the least expensive option when the total cost of ownership is reviewed.

Other applications include fuel isolation, combination fuel high point vent/low point drain, water service, air start, preconditioned air, electrical service and surge suppressor. In addition the Model 3030 pit can be used for maintenance and vault access.

Pit Shell:

The Model 3030 pit shell is a one piece molded GRP unit composed of 30% high quality glass fiber and 70% polyester resin. The shell wall is nominally three-eighths (0.375) inches (9.5mm) thick. The inside dimensions of the shell are 30 inches (760 mm) square by 48 inches (1220 mm) deep. The shell interior is coated with a resin-rich gel coat having a white pigment to provide a bright clean environment and appearance.

Pit Cover:

The Model 3030 pit cover is a one piece, non-skid, non-sparking, chemical resistant and fire resistant. Each cover is supplied complete with a high strength aluminum alloy fame. The frame is designed to accept a metal or GRP skirt. When open a 30 inch (760 mm) square opening is exposed. Each cover is manufactured from a high strength a GRP (not the same as the pit shell above). A formed stainless steel operating handle with a cast alloy key and plastic handle is supplied with this pit.

The standard cover is black but a range of colors can be made to order. Identification plates are available for these cove.

Load Testing and Quality Assurance:

Each cover is guaranteed to withstand a 200,000 lb (90720 Kg) load applied over 200 square inches (1290 cm²) tire footprint areas placed anywhere on the cover (1000 psi (70.3 Kg/cm²) rating). This represents a 4:1 safety factor.
Testing by the United States Testing Company showed that the manholes exceed DOT H20 requirements.

Independent testing carried out by the British Standards Institute showed that the covers conformed to the structural requirements of BS EN 124: 1994 Clause 8, Class C250.

A 300 cycle wear test on Teledyne Taber Abrader was performed. The weight loss was measured in less than grams and virtually no wear was exhibited.

Available Depths:

18, 30, 60, 72, and 144 inches (460, 760, 1320, 1830 and 3660 mm). Other depths available on special order.


Side extensions available on special order.

Liquid tight penetrations (electrical conduit, piping, etc.) through shell walls and base are available.

Split top shell to enable continuous concrete apron panel pour.

A solid, liquid tight, flat bottom is available.

Collection Sump for use with a drain trough.

GNY Fiber Reinforced Cover

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