GNY 6200 Fuel Hydrant

GNY 6200 Fuel Hydrant

Aviation Ground Refueling Product

GNY 6200 Fuel Hydrant

Aircraft Ground Service Pits

Design To:

Provide Fuel service directly to aircraft on the ramp.

Other applications include fuel isolation, combination fuel high point vent/low point drain, water service, air start, preconditioned air, electrical service, surge suppressor and sump. In addition the Model 6200 pit can be used for maintenance and vault access.

A Specialty application of this pit may be used to provide extra light on the ramp using a 500 Watt telescopic floodlight.

Pit Shell:

The Model 6200 pit shell is a one piece molded GRP unit composed of 30% high quality glass fiber and 70% polyester resin. The shell wall is nominally three-eighths (0.375) inches (9.5mm) thick. The inside dimensions of the shell are 25.5 inches (650 mm) square by 40 inches (1015 mm) wide. The shell interior is coated with a resin-rich gel coat having a white pigment to provide a bright clean environment and appearance.

Pit Cover:

The Model 6200 pit cover is a two piece, non-skid, non-sparking assembly consisting of one stationary outer ring and an inner access cover. The inner cover can be opened a full 180 degrees with a 25lb (11.4 Kg) single hand lift on a non-weight bearing hinge. When open an 18 inch (460 mm) diameter opening is exposed. Each cover is manufactured from a high strength aluminum-zinc alloy. Covers conform to Federal Specification QQ-A-601F alloy 712.0 (formerly 40E).

Load Testing and Quality Assurance:

Each cover is guaranteed to withstand a dual 200,000 lb (90720 Kg) load applied over 200 square inches (1290 cm²) tire footprint areas placed anywhere on the cover (1000 psi (70.3 Kg/cm²) rating). This represents a 4:1 safety factor. All covers are proof load tested and evaluated in accordance with the United States Military Standard MIL-STD-105 “Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection Attributes”.

Available Depths:

52, 72 and 144 inches (1320, 1830 and 3658 mm).
Other depths are available on special order.


Side extensions available on special order.
Liquid tight penetrations (electrical conduit, piping, etc.)
through shell walls and base are available.
Split top shell to enable continuous concrete apron panel pour.
A solid, liquid tight, flat base is available.
Collection Sump for use with a drain trough.
Water-resistant feature available.

GNY 6200 Fuel Hydrant

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